Graduation School Goodbye!

Graduation School Goodbye!
420061, Казань, улица Николая Ершова, 1А
Ballroom st. Nikolai Ershov, 1A, Kazan, Rep. Tatarstan, 420015 +7 843 279 30 79
20240701T190000 20240702T000000 Monday, 1 July, 19:00
GRADUATION 2024, which will be remembered for a LONG time!

For the FIRST TIME we are organizing a general graduation ceremony in the very center of Kazan - in our beloved Korston!

The brightest moments of the large-scale event await you:
-general graduation waltz
-best DJs in the city
-dancing until the morning
-graduation dawn

And secretly, the performance of the main HEADLINER of the country!

Let's make this stage in life even more MEANINGFUL
Plan of the hall