Drink Mall

2,000 sq.m
The total area of ​​the bar space
14 concept bars
Unite under one roof
"Bar of the Year"
according to the Internet magazine "Enter Media"

The first drink Mall bar space in the region with a unique atmosphere. The most popular and trendy place. Happy Hour every day: 50% discount on cocktails from 18.00 to 21.00 and 30% discount on cocktails from 00.00 to 01.00. To receive a discount, you need to download the Korston App application and present the QR code at the bar when ordering a cocktail. Working hours: Th,Wen,Sun .: 18: 00-23: 00 Fri-Std: 18: 00-06: 00 The "Wine and Sky" summer terrace is open. Now lunches and dinners will become even more delicious with a glass of delicious drink in the fresh air and overlooking the city. From 12:00 to 16:00 there is a 15% discount on the menu. Working hours: Daily from 12:00 until the last guest.


In Japanese interiors, every piece of furniture and decor creates an atmosphere of harmony and serenity. Visitors will find a variety of Asian drinks that will help them relax, feel peace or find time for self-contemplation.

This is Greece and everything is here: cocktails with the characters of the Greek gods, for example, "The Power of Zeus", shots, for example, "Themis Wings", tinctures and other drinks.

Here you will be presented with unforgettable emotions and a great mood with extreme serves!

Interesting interior style in the style of the station. This is where the preparty and afterparty before and after the disco.  Serving large-volume drinks, carbonated drinks, shots.

Bar with 15 varieties of liqueurs for every taste of our own production using the French sous-vide method. Unique spritzes and signature cocktails.

Here reigns the spirit of the streets of a bustling metropolis, Visitors will be surprised not only by the variety of strong alcohol, but also how the familiar game shooting range can change the format when mixed with shots and ice.

Bar for gourmets. The movement of light, such familiar music and a bright presentation! Shine this night with us! Come visit the Drink Mall Queen!

Try not to be speechless with pleasure, a bar for the most sophisticated!

Neon lights, the most modern music, incendiary dancing and drinks in the style of disco bramble, blue lagoon, bright drinks of the era of the 80's of America.

Glamorous girls ' bar: sequins, gold, Go-Go on the counter. Drinks with sparkling wines, gum for girls, passion fruit, oranges.

Bar with shots, with sets of shots, as well as with burning shots, in other words, drank and hung out!

Daily round-the-world trips, tasting of foamy drinks from different countries, without leaving your hometown. It's full of modern Japan, in glass, metal, minimalism, and at night the neon streets of big cities.

Ничего лишнего, только стиль и минимализм.

Have a neon party night at the No-Thorn bar itself.

Plan of the hall
Working time
Ср.-Чт., Вс: 18:00-03:00;
Пт.-Сб.: 18:00-06:00