Food Mall Korston

The first Food Mall in the region with a unique atmosphere will become one of the most popular and fashionable places, the center of gravity of the gastronomic Kazan.

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Taste and emotions in the language of street food!
Burgers are Halal.

Vietnamese cuisine
Pho Bo

Hanoi street food in Kazan. Here everything is the same as in Vietnam, but 7,000 km closer.

Travelers cofee

World-class coffee company!
In any Traveler's coffee shop, you can find out the entire history of coffee travel.

Tatar cuisine
Kazan Kustanaj

"Kazan Kustanaj" - is a delicious food and refreshing beverages with the national colors.

Sculpt and Cook

Modern dumplings, where every day in the open kitchen sculpt amazing dumplings.


Perfectly cooked pizza and juicy rolls, sushi, wok.

Prime beef bar

Grill bar where all dishes are prepared from high-quality marble beef of our own production and the best fresh ingredients.

About us in numbers
834 sq m
Total area of corners
21 the concept
Combine them under one roof
16,000 people
They visit our complex every day