Food Mall

The first Food Mall in the region with a unique atmosphere will become one of the most popular and fashionable places, the center of gravity of the gastronomic Kazan.

от 499 ₽
от 499 ₽
from 1 799 ₽
from 899 ₽

Film Real Georgian cuisine. Famous khinkali, barbecue, chakhokhbili, khachapuri and much more. <b> <u> Corner 1.5 </u> </b>

Delicious authentic Uzbek cuisine. <br><br> <b><u>Corner 2.5</u></b>

Create yourself the mood for the whole day with the Lobby Bar! We work 24/7. <br> <br> <b> <u> Lobby </u> </b>

<br> The menu includes classic breakfasts, constructor breakfasts, cereals, toasts and much more.<br>

Это история про идеальные стейки из мраморной говядины. А богатая винотека с уникальными образцами не оставит никого равнодушным.

Корнер 1.1,1.2

A modern dumpling shop where amazing dumplings are made every day in an open kitchen. <br><br> <b><u>Corner 2.3</u></b>

Hanoi street food in Kazan. Here everything is the same as in Vietnam, but 7,000 km closer.

Plan of the hall
Working time
Daily 10:00-22:00