Korston Group of Companies

Korston is a group of companies that includes a number of enterprises related to each other by joint and property relations, common capital, as well as strategic tasks for the development of the Korston network in the regions of Russia and organizational work.

Korston consolidates their capital and human resources, which have significant experience in the construction and operation of hotel, office, entertainment and shopping complexes.

Korston acts on the market as a developer and operator of operators of shopping and entertainment Complexes and offers:

A unique multi-structure business model of four businesses under a single management.

A centralized management system created on the basis of international management, our own IT developers and an ERP system.

All-Russian brand - Korston.

Philosophy of the Korston complexes:

  • Multifunctionality
  • Single service area
  • High standards in all areas of business
  • Providing services 24 hours 365 days a year
  • Democratic atmosphere and flexible pricing policy
  • Individual approach to serving each guest

The Korston Group of Companies plans to consolidate its leadership in the segment of multifunctional complexes.