Мари Краймбрери

Мари Краймбрери
420061, Казань, улица Николая Ершова, 1А
Ballroom st. Nikolai Ershov, 1A, Kazan, Rep. Tatarstan, 420015 +7 843 279 30 79
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Marie Crimebreri is a 100% Selfmade artist of the new generation. Today people who can’t pronounce her name can only do so out of envy.

Over the past couple of years, young but daring Marie has managed to break all possible stereotypes, proving that the concept of “format” simply does not exist if you are honest, first of all, with yourself. From the pop hits “I Feel So Good” and “Ocean” to collaborations with Guf and HammAli, from the obscene “Palevo” to the heartbreaking “Hidden in the Bathroom” and Amore - that’s all her!

Over the past year, Crimebrery has upped the ante, hit after hit literally in a row - solo singles “Otherwise it’s all in vain”, “I’m so lucky”, duets with Bilan, Zvonky, Koka...