17 October, 20.00 Ballroom
T-Fest – avtor i ispolnitel' sobstvennoy muzyki Kirill Nezboretskiy i yego gruppa, s kotoroy on sobral uzhe ne odin stadion. Artist vypuskayet treki s Bastoy i Skriptonitom, a yego pervyy singl «Uleti» uzhe nabral 100 millionov prosmotrov v seti. T-Fest is the author and performer of his own music, Kirill Nezboretsky and his group, with which he has gathered more than one stadium. The artist releases tracks with Basta and Scryptonite, and his first single "Fly away" has already gained 100 million views on the network. T-Fest concerts are always a performance of live music, hits, experiments and a choir of singing charged halls. Rock, rap, blues and even Britpop in one live performance have made him one of the best young artists to date. At the end of 2019, the musician released an album that critics called the record of the decade. There are 22 tracks on the "Blossom or perish" album, and almost each one illustrates a separate musical genre. In 2020, the artist presented the EP "Come out and come in normally" and the multitrack "Love / Sad". The end of the year will be the release of the film “Mom, I'm going home. Prologue ", which covered the history of writing music, concerts and the artist's personal video archive.

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