420061, Казань, улица Николая Ершова, 1А
Ballroom st. Nikolai Ershov, 1A, Kazan, Rep. Tatarstan, 420015 +7 843 279 30 79
20240413T200000 20240414T000000 Saturday, 13 April, 20:00
MATRANG big solo concert in Kazan on April 13, 2024! The author of the hits “Medusa”, “Tempting”, “Matrang”, “Patriarchy” will perform a NEW solo program in Kazan at the Korston! The artist's exclusive show will take place on April 13, 2024. Large-scale sound, stunning light and unforgettable atmosphere. “I have a very developed visual and emotional perception, I see the world in images and metaphors, this is my way of perceiving and writing songs.”