New Year full speed ahead!

New Year full speed ahead!
420061, Казань, улица Николая Ершова, 1А
Ballroom st. Nikolai Ershov, 1A, Kazan, Rep. Tatarstan, 420015 +7 843 279 30 79
20240102T130000 20240103T000000 Tuesday, 2 January, 13:00
"In the New Year full speed ahead!" - an interactive New Year's performance in the Quest-Christmas format, invites children to exciting adventures and creative tasks. In the luxurious Ballroom of the Korston State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, together with Santa Claus and popular characters, children will plunge into a fascinating fantasy world that comes to life on an interactive screen.

Recommended audience age is 3-12 years old.
Duration 1 hour

Children's ticket price includes:
-children's interactive New Year's show and paper disco,
-sweet gift from Santa Claus,
-coupons for the attractions of the entertainment center GTRK "Korston",
-coupons and certificates from partners in city children's entertainment centers*,
-photo shoots with Santa Claus,
-New Year's lottery,
-dry pool, competitions and games with animators,
Tickets are purchased for each viewer older than one year.
Adult tickets are valid for persons (18+) accompanying children aged 1 and over.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of our unique New Year's Eve projects, specially designed for every age group. We will be glad to see you and your little guests at the brightest and most cheerful holiday!